Exotic Flowers & Green Tea Box

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Exotic Flowers & Green Tea Box
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The Day Drinking - Exotic Flowers & Green Tea Box curated by Innocent India with 64 servings, includes:

Green Tea 60g - 30 servings
Camomile Flowers 20g - 10 servings
Jasmine Flowers 15g - 8 servings
Rose Petals 15g - 8 servings
Hibiscus Flowers 20g - 10 servings


- Boil 1 cup / 125 ml of water until rolling boil
- Turn off gas
- Add 1gm of green tea & 1 gm of flowers as per choice
- Let it infuse for 2 - 4 mins
- Strain & Serve 
- Experiment with different combinations of flowers & tea


Free shipping. For COD - Rs 30 charged per box
10 day delivery. Outskirts delivery may take longer
The Day Drinking Box is reviewed as one of the best gourmet boxes in the world. For every box you get, we donate a meal to a child in India


Email sasha@santasbox.in
WhatsApp/Call +91 74474 07040 (Mon-Fri 10am to 6pm)

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