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Shipping & Delivery

Shipping & Delivery

Which countries do you ship to?

Do I pay extra for shipping, customs, duties & taxes?

Subscription Boxes

Violet Box

What is in the Violet Box?

Day Drinking Box

​What is in the Day Drinking Box?

How Subscription Boxes Work

How does subscription work?

Can I customize the box?

When will I receive my subscription box?

Can I skip a box?

Can I cancel my subscription?

Donations & Charity

How does my subscription box order support charities?

Which charities does Santas Box work with?

Payment, Cancellations, Returns


Which payment method do you offer?

When will I have to pay in case of COD or when will my account be charged in case of card payment?

Cancellation & Returns

Can I cancel my order?

Can I return the product?

Can I exchange my product?

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